Lipocav Cavitation
LipoCav enables treating localized excess fat and reduces the accumulated layers due to propogation of low frequency sound waves. indeed, thanks to this technique, it is possible to fight effectively against unsightly dimpling of fat to obtain a loss of centimeters of the treated area.

Is it Effective?
The results are visible from the first session. moreover in addition to a diet and regular sport activities, the treatment significally decreses the cellulite and eliminates localized fat within the first month.

Is the treatment painful?
LipoCav cavitation is a non-invasive technique. Therefore it is painless. however some patients may feel mild tingling or slight overheating on the treated areas. During the treatment, the patients hear tinnitus due to low frequency ultrasound that are propogated in the body. the perception of the sound is normal during the session.

How many sessions do you need?
The number of sessions differs depending on the person. To maximise the effectiveness of the treatment we must take into account parameters such as sex, physical condistion, weight and age of the treated person.

For what parts of body?
Cavitation can treat fat areas such as arms, abdomain, "love handles" the "saddlebags" the buttocks and thighs.

Who is ti for?
this treatment is recommended to everyone, man or woman, who wishes to fight against the fat unsightly dimpling and cellulite. Both overweighted and normal people can be treated.

Advantages of LipoCav Treatment
Quick and effective, pain-free and lasting elimination of fat cells
Medically and dermatological tested
Safe and painless
Specific handpieces suitable for each areas to treat for body and face
Pre-set parameters
Result comparable with surgery liposuction
The success of the treatment is immediately visible
Non-invasive. Real alternative to plastic surgery
No time-off needed - the patients can continue with their day straight after the treatment
No operation/surgical procedure
No anesthetic
No hospital stay
No compression bandages
No medication
Progressive and long lasting results
Treatment of various type of cellulite
Allows the measure of the results during the cure

What are the restruction of use?
Infectious diseases or heart deseases
Hormonal imbalance
Adrenal gland illness
Renal or hepatic insufficiency
all skin deseases and skin allergy symptoms

What recommendations to follow during the cure?
during the treatment, it is important to be hydrated to facilitate the penetration of low frequency sound waves in the bosy to ensure the optiomal releases of triglycerides by adipocytes. Many factors could cause a further increase of localized excess of fat in an unlimited way like, dietary imbalance, iregular physical activity, hormonal imbalance, pregency or puberty.