Moxibuxtion is a traditional chinese technique that involves the burning of Mugwort, a small, spongy herb, to facilitate healing the purpose of moxibuxtion , is to strengthen the blood , stimulate the flow of qi & maintain general health.
How Does Moxibuxtion Works ? Does it Hurt
There are two types of moxibuxtion

In direct moxibuxtion a small, cone-shaped amount of moxa is placed on top of an Acupuncture point & burned . This type of moxibuxtion is categorized into two types scarring & non scarring with scarring moxibuxtion, the moxa is placed on a point, ignited and allowed to remain onto the point until it burns out completely. This may lead to localized scarring, blisters& scarring after healing with nonscarring moxibuxtion, the moxa is placed on the point & lit, but is removed before it burns the skin. The patient will experience a pleasant heating sensation that penetrates deep into the skin, but should not experience any pain, blistering or scarring.

In indirect moxibuxtion a practitioner lights one end of the moxa stick & holds it too close to the area being treated for several minutes until the area turns red. In another form of indirect moxibuxtion a needle is inserted into an acupoint & retained. The tip of the needle is then wrapped in moxa & ignited. After the desired effect is achieved, the moxa is extinguished. Indirect moxibuxtion is currently the more popular form of care.