Multipurpose Water Magnets with Copper Jug
These powerful magnets are used for magnetizing water. It can be done by placing a pair of magnets on either side of a square or rectangular glass bottle for 6/8 hours For effectivewness,800/1000ml. of this water must be consumed in a day.
Very useful for-
• Common digestionproblem.
• Redution incholesterol level.
• Dissolving salt formations and kindly stones.
• Increasing RBC count of the blood.
• Improving blood circulation.
• Relief from eyestion, red eyes and infection etc.,by using this water for eye wash. Can be useed for massage of painful parts of the body due to injury,strain or bone related diseases like Arthritis. Can also be used for magnetising other things like milk,juice,oil etc. for similar application. These magnets should never be applied to eyes, head and heart.

Bio-Magnetic Sleeping System
(Including Pillow & Over Cover) Extremely useful in chronic cases of:
• Strengthening the Spinal chord by improving blood circulation.
• Relief from pain due to Cervical Spondylosis, slipped Disc etc.
• Relief in cases of Polio, Paralysis and Mentally Challenged person Can also be used by everyone as a preventive measure.

Cure for
• Sciatica pain, Back/Joints pain, Rhenmatic Arthritis, Spondylitis, Migrain, Frozen shoulder, Asthma allergy & Neurological disoders
• General Problems
• Weight Loss/ Gain
• Skin problems – Leucoderma
• Cosmetic Treatment – Removal of Warts, Moles, Freckles 7 Wrinkles
• Hair Treatments – Alopecia
• Aromatherapy
• Magnetic Therapy
• Stress Management
• Face & Body Firming. Lifting & Toning
• Hair Weaving/ Bonding
• Treatments for under eye Dark Circles Puffy Eyes of Pigmentation
• Height increase
• Permanent Mack – up Bio Magnet Sleeping System available

Lumbar Support
• Most powerful for all back related problems like slipped disc and other pains due to exertion and strain.
• Keep the spinal cord straight thereby giving faster relief.
• Can be used for reducing stomach.

Knee Cap
•This is very useful for Arthritis, Gout, Rheumatism and any other pain in the knees.
• The cap has to be tied to the knee for relief.
• Can also to use on the shoulder for similar effect. Can to worn all through the day for maximum relief.

Hair Brush
• To be used as a normal brush for the following advantages:
• Falling hair
• Control dandruff.
• Head massage.
• Should be used for at least 10/15 minutes, thrice a day.

Menstrual / Diabetes / Shoulder Belt
• Very useful in case of following disorders
• Amenorrhoea and Dysmenorrhoea.
• Controlling diabetes
In case of excessive flow, belt must be worn in a way that North (Red) touches the body. In case of less flow, belt, must be worn in a way that south (Blue) touches the body. This should be used used for 5/6 hours a day. For Diabetes, the belt must be worn in a way that South (Blue) touches the pancreas for 6/7 hours a day.

Magnetic Necklace
• Ornamental and yet effective in giving relief in the following:
• Pain and stiffness in the neck region.
• Palpitation of the heart. / High B.P./ High Cholesterol
• Asthmas, chest congesting, allergy and colds.

Eye Belts
• Can be warm at all times bathing and swimming.
• To be worm for all following Advantages:
• To improve eyesight thereby correcting myopia and hypermeteropia.
• Reduce fatigue due to working long hours on the computer.
• Helps in controlling Glaucoma.
• Gives relief in cases of cataract.
• Help in reducing dark rings under the eyes. Should be warm before retiring at night or any time during the day for a minimum period of 30 minutes a day.

Calf / Ankle / Elbow Binder
• Most useful for Varicose Venis, Cramps in calves, Pain in Calves, Regulates blood circulation in legs, Thrombo phlebitis etc.
• Ankylosis, pain in heels, etc. pain in Elbow joint. Improve blood circulation in hand, Tennis Elbow, etc.
• Use 35 minutes for twice a day.

Most useful in providing relief from:
• Pain and ache in the neck and shoulder region
• Cough and cold. (Must be warm with the magnets facing the front past of the neck)
• Provide alleviation for thyroid.

Wrist Band
• Most powerful in controlling Blood Pressure.
• To be warn on the left hand for low BP and right hand High BP for a period of at least 4/5 hours a day

Head Belt
• This is very useful for Psychosomatic disorder, Migraine, Mental fatigue, Depression, Insomnia, Short tempered nature. All type of headache
• Congenital Brain damage, Disease of Nervous system, Epilepsy, etc.
• To be used 20 minutes for twice a day.

Magnetic Insoles

Nose Magents